The best salesperson that I ever met did 3 things different to most salespeople
out there...

This salesperson hit around 175% - 250% of target EVERY SINGLE MONTH during the
time they worked for me

This is what they did:

Number 1...

They qualified HARD!

They worked hard to qualify each and every prospect in or out

They ONLY worked on opportunities that they were super confident could convert

Number 2...

They ADAPTED to each individual prospect

They adapted the way they spoke, what they said, the language they used

They treated each prospect as an INDIVIDUAL

Number 3...

They overcame WAY MORE objections

I mean they really pushed past objections that 99% of salespeople give up on

And by pushing past those extra ones, they won more

Those 3 things made all the difference

They didn't make more calls
They didn't work more hours
They didn't read more books
They didn't know more "hacks"
They didn't know more about the product

They just mastered the basics

They didn't waste their time trying to sell to everyone
They didn't treat everyone the same
They didn't give up at every objection


Find the right prospects
Treat them as individuals and human beings
Overcome their challenges and questions

The basics will always win :)

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Originally posted by Daniel Disney on LinkedIn