The average LinkedIn post gets 1,327 views.

My posts average 13,000 views. Each. Here's why: 👇

Andreas from SHIELD recently shared that:

“People with 5,000 followers average 1,327 views per post”.

When he shared it, I had 5,000 followers

(I now have close to 6,000 - not a huge leap)

I tried to analyze what I’m doing that’s working

The first is that I’m consistent

I have set days and times when I share new content (Mon/ Wed)

The second is that I have a framework for how I create content

It’s much easier to create when you have a framework to lean on

But there’s also a third factor

Something that you can use, too


You build credibility by being transparent and helpful

But, you need both.

I can post content that’s transparent, but not helpful

(Think “I just reached 10K followers” posts)

And I can post content that’s helpful, but not transparent

(Think “7 ways to improve SEO” posts, backed by zero data)

But the two combined? That’s gold

Because it means they can *trust* what you have to say

And THAT influences behavior

People scroll

And scroll

Until they see your name

So, they stop, and engage with your content

Week in, week out

That’s how you get 10X more views

More views = more opportunities

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