The Art of PreSelling

Have you ever wondered what separates the sales pages and funnels that convert
at one to 3% from the ones that convert at five to 20%. (And in many cases, even
way higher)?

For the later, the answer is often less to do with the sales page copy itself,
and more to do with what happened to the visitor before they arrived on the
sales page.

Typically, long before.

Think about that. Let it sink in.

It's how I achieved a 16% conversion rate, selling a course for ₹2500 this month
and before without doing any fancy webinar launch..

That was because of what I exposed the prospect to before they were even
presented with the opportunity to purchase, what I had before they even knew I
was selling anything.

NOTE: Preselling is not selling.

It's not a direct response sales message with the story lead-in.

There is no “Buy button”.

There is no way for a reader (prospect) to make a purchase.


In fact...

(and listen up carefully here, because the next piece is important.)

In most cases, the prospect isn't aware that there is something for sale later

You know there is, but they don't.

It's your job to prime and position and set up the prospect to want what you
know, you will eventually sell them

Before they even know it exists.

Your presell should work to channel their desperate desire for solving a problem
they already have…..

in your direction

Do this well, and you (in their mind) will be the only viable solution to
solving their problem.

My job as a marketer is to create marketing that affects what people need to
believe, realize, and agreed to in advance before they can accept the need and
desire for the product or service. I have for sale.

Well, the first such point is where I do this, where I plant the seed, and then
start to water it.

I do this using a preselll.

And this presell is presented to the reader (prospect) through a multi-step

I have written about it

There is a specific reason why I do this, of course.

That is what this post is all about.

Let me know if you have any questions about it.

This week I will share the framework of Preselling

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