The Agency Guide to Executing Discovery

The traditional – and ineffective – sales process for web agencies looks like

- Generate a lead. (Yay!)

- Spend 30 minutes on a sales call and try to sell a prospect OR spend hours in
meetings and calls (for free) in order to discover the client's needs, answer
their questions, and handle their objections.

- Spend more time preparing a proposal. Struggle with pricing. Consider slashing
prices to land the client.

- Send off a proposal and cross your fingers. Start worrying about whether you
priced too low or too high. Then wonder if you said or did something to scare
the prospect away.

- Follow up with the prospect. (Have you looked at the proposal yet? Do you have
any questions? Would you like to schedule a follow-up meeting?)

Thankfully, there's a much better way to do this and get paid well along the
way. When done right, you can expect to land more clients and higher value

So what is this easier, better, and more profitable way to execute discovery?
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Posted by Abhinav Paitandy on LinkedIn