The 5 life lessons I learned in 2020:

1. We can’t always plan everything in life, but we can definitely be flexible. I
had a set of plans which involved travelling to multiple countries. All those
plans went down the drain, but I made new goals on the spot.

2. Utilizing our time is completely in our hands. We can either while away our
time, or make good use of it. I used my free time to go through the publication
journey of my debut novel “The Promises We Made”.

3. We can adapt quickly to a new way of life. When the pandemic started, we were
all very scared of the uncertain future. Now, life has started going back to a
new normal.

4. Technology is critical for long term sustenance. The world has seen more
digital revolution this year than ever before, and the firms that have survived
well are those that were digitally enabled.

5. Physical & mental health is important. This year has taken a toll on our
mental & physical health. We have been tested to the extreme, but we survived
because we remained strong.

2020 taught us that we are stronger than we can imagine. Give us some time, and
we can adapt ourselves to any way of life, with a smile on our faces.


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Posted by Rohan Jain on LinkedIn