❌ The 3 Mistakes that lead to SaaS Failure ❌

Almost 92% of SaaS companies fail within 3 years. (Lighercapital)

If you want your company to succeed, don’t commit these 3 fatal mistakes:

1️⃣ Building the wrong product
✅Ensure that your product is solving problems that potential consumers might
✅Fill out an existing market niche

2️⃣ Burning all the runway on development
✅If you wait to launch your product until it is ‘perfect’, chances are your
product will never be launched
✅ Define milestones to ensure that after a certain phase, potential customers
will be able to use your product

3️⃣ Not marketing and selling enough
✅ Create a sustainable marketing strategy to ensure your product will bring in
more revenue in the future
✅Look for other tactics apart from spending money on online ads

Is there a common mistake missing?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! 💬

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