The 3 big metrics for outreach emails

Those 3 are:

1) open rate

2) reply rate

3) meeting book rate

Unless click rates are important for your business, focus on these 3 numbers

Here are the greenlight benchmarks to know if you are on the right track:

Open rate: 70% and above

Reply rate: 15% and above

Meeting book rate: 2-5% depending upon your business, this will vary, but 2-5%
is the general ballpark.

I see so many of people I talk to get obsessed with over-analyzing on them.

“Hey Zubin, we got 72% open rate in the last campaign. If we change the subject
line to X, we might get to 77%”

That is true.

But, I would rather apply the principle of “good enough. Move on”

Get those 3 metrics at their benchmark numbers, and MOVE ON.

You are better to spend time on other things that will move the needle of your
business -

- reaching out to more people

- branching to other marketing channel

- closing more sales

So, get it to good enough, don’t complicate or over analyze, and move on

Posted by Zubin Ajmera on Facebook