The 10 Golden Rules of Building Communities That Matter.

1. Relationships > followers

Building a community is about building relationships. People who just follow you
won’t give you any indication of how relevant you are.

2. Communities need leaders, not managers

To start a community you need authority in your field. You can’t hire someone to
take this over for you.

3. Participation is key

It’s not a community if people can’t participate. Participation means: creating
something together, sharing knowledge, contributing to a common goal.

4. Your vision defines whether people are willing to follow you (or not)

You need to define why your community exists. It sounds easy but it’s the
hardest part of it all.

5. Provide value first

The people out there won’t magically find you and become engaged members of your
community. You need to show first what it’s all about.

6. Trust is the most valuable good you can achieve

If people trust you, you can go anywhere. Start a new community. Change
direction. Close down and throw a huge party.

7. Start small (1000 fans)

Kevin Kelly came up with the theory of 1000 fans. You don’t need more than 1000
die-hard fans to have a thriving business.

The same counts for your community. Focus on the people to whom your vision
really matters. Invest in every single person.

8. Community = culture

The scariest thing about communities is that you have to learn how to let go.
Once people are aligned to your vision, it’s out of your control what they do
with it.

9. Celebrate success

When you’re focused on getting somewhere you easily forget to honor those who
make it all happen. Stop and look around once in a while: what have you achieved
so far?

Be generous in what you give and thankful in what you receive.

10. Don’t mess it up

By leading a community you have to embrace that things won’t work out the way
you want it. Humans are complicated. You’ve got to deal with it. If you don’t
like that, don’t do it.

Your community creates meaning in people’s lives.

What else do you want to add?

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