Ten years ago, I was frustrated with internet businesses.

I had no idea how to make them work.

Every night I'd study all the sales copy I could find.

I was fascinated with advertisements.

I used to get them through my mail at home.

I was a thinker.

And I was always trying to figure things out.

Despite things not going my way...

I never contemplated quitting.

I went from one business to another.

Without losing any steam.

Some of my business ideas got me into trouble financially.

But I knew I couldn’t give up.

I knew I would pull through someday.

Then it happened when I least expected it...

I broke through.

Although I had put everything into it, I wasn't expecting much.

I made a lot of money from it.

And it changed my life.

A lot of people have great business ideas.

But they lack the resilience to continue when things go wrong.

If you don't have thick skin...

You can't be an entrepreneur.

How did you handle your business failures?

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