Technology bridges the divide : Almost 1 hr trekking, i reached this Maggi point
and was surprised by the presence of digital Payment options. Offcourse no one
from NPCI, Google Pay or PhonePe travelled physically to get the shopkeeper
educated on how to accept using UPI. Then how did this journey happened?

Shopkeeper's response

1. Cashback as consumer : much debated cashbacks acted as the ice breaker for
him to start using payment apps. And as he observed people in his surrounding
use it, the natural progression happened to use same in his business.

2. Instant A/c credit : One of the key piece that UPI solved for was building
trust in the digital payments by making it real time. This became a key driver
of establishing faith.

3. Its like cash : What further drove faith was increased acceptance among his
business value chain. More number of people from whom he was purchasing started
accepting digital payments.

4. It helps in saving

5. Realisation that it doesn't have tax implication.

Telecom presence for sure is the foundation. Payments rail have built digital
footprints foundation it is now on us to create next layers of credit and

If you are building next generation #Fintech lets talk

Posted by Abhishant Pant on LinkedIn