Tech Website for Sale:
Hello everyone. I’m selling a completely developed and customised website in the
tech niche. Everything from the theme and plugins, to integrations has been
taken care of, you just need to add content, do SEO and start ranking your
The domain is a brandable one word name and you can create it into a brand if
you put work in it.
I basically created it as a Amazon Affiliate Site and wrote three articles for
it but then left it due to my work.
Why I am selling it? I got admission in a university and couldn’t work on it.
The domain was registered in 2018. And I haven’t been able to complete my
project and work on it so I finally thought that I should sell it away.
I also have a list of thousands of long tail keywords that I researched for this
site. I can give you the list and then you can generate your keyword ideas from
them. I basically followed the KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) technique while
finding these keywords.
So, If anyone is interested in getting hands on a completely built website ready
for you, let me know. Thanks!

Originally posted by Shehroze Sohail on Facebook