Take this offer or leave!!

Said the HR to Employee 1, who had a 10L package and was unemployed.

The salary hike given to him was 10%

Don't leave, we will match your salary!!

Said the HR to Employee 2, who had an 8L package, lesser experience but an offer
letter in hand.

The salary hike offered to him was 60%

Now, though HR may seem biased, that's how candidates are judged in the market.

Employees with an offer letter are given a better salary hike, and those who are
unemployed are asked to join at a lesser hike or the same salary.

This has to change!!

Candidates should be judged based on their skills and not on the job status quo.

Only the time when this is implemented will we get a motivated workforce and a
healthy work environment.


Originally posted by Ishan Arora on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/ishanarora29