Success is very very hard and elusive...

A fascinating write up in the ET on the “failure” of Hike.

Some major learnings I believe are applicable to ALL of us:

- product market fit scale : stickers in chat were cool but volume was not
enough to move the needle

My takeaway: innovations are not enough. Something for someone may not be
sustainable. Better to make something for everybody.

- copying wechat UI/UX failed.

My takeaway : What works in Mumbai doesn’t work in Pune... forget Delhi. So what
works in China is NOT a guarantee for India. Build local for local

- Inability up listen to team members / opinions.

While there HAS to be a single decision maker, IF that decision makers starts
with a mindset “hey I may not know it all”, then suggestions can help & get
implemented. Ego is the worst enemy in a startup (in life actually).

- Money, marquee investors, pedigree didn’t help.

My takeaway: Product IS God. And God doesn’t need help or relatives or bribes.

Your views?

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Originally posted by Alok Kejriwal on Facebook