Success in business feels good.

Yet there's something special about the success of my 5-year-old saying, "Thank
you, Mommy, for buying me this new blue coat!"

He has a significant speech delay.

Through tremendous hard work, he had to learn how to say most of the sounds we
take for granted.

This year's been a hard one for him in particular.

With Covid canceling in-person therapy, his speech therapy became zoom therapy,
which is much less effective, specifically for young children.

He pushed through and showed up each time, though many times he would've
rathered play.

He turned 5 last week.

And we are so grateful for how far he's come!

Thank G-d he has most of his sounds, and he's saying more phrases and longer
stories each day.

What are you grateful for?

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Posted by Charna Ambers on LinkedIn