#STShare #Coronavirus

Globally, there is an impact of the coronavirus on businesses. Your Startup may
start having losses in these days and BE PREPARED.

In this kind of situation you must have more options, here are some suggestions
(you can take an idea from this and add yours)

1. If you are running SAAS based business and your major clients are in other
countries. Develop another Customize SAAS for locals and sell locally. (you can
figure out fastly before clients payment delay from other countries)

2. If your startup is to deal with people in GROUPS (physically meeting, Yoga,
Gym), start using Video Meetings on GoToMeeting, its free for 40 mins with 4
people listener. Start Training through Videos.

3. If you are EVENTS or Other Entertainment startup, delay your events atleast
for two weeks and make a PLAN TO HAVE "advances" for tickets for forthcoming
events so that you have CASH FLOW for survival in these days. (apply same method
for startups something similar to events or anything same)

4. If you can't understand anything what to do. Start Selling eBooks and educate
your customers that may include New products and charge them.

Please add more... These are some of the ideas came into my mind.


Posted by Rakesh Sidana on Facebook
link: facebook.com/rakesh.sidana