Stopping advertising. Saving time. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?
-(Henry Ford)

The trouble with marketing and advertising is that results aren't instant.

Content marketing doesn't equal millions of hits on a website within a day.

SEO doesn't mean ranking 1st in Google when you've been working on it for a few

I recently had a client who wanted me to help her with Facebook.

I created posts, I engaged with those that followed her page,

But she didn't quite keep up her side of the bargain.

We 'tried it for a month' and because she only had a few leads, she gave up.

To make money, you need to spend a little money.

Creating social media accounts and doing nothing to maintain them isn't enough.
Existing on GMB isn't enough.

We cannot ignore the ever moving world of marketing. We can't go to sleep and
expect things to stand still.

Like Henry Ford says, we can't stop our watches to save time.

What are your thoughts? 👇

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Posted by Krinal Patel on LinkedIn