#STHire I am looking for Software Developers for my 3 years old tech startup in
Bangalore. (Don't forget to scroll and read "who should apply")

Positions (Job description attached)

1. Web developer (PHP)

2. Web developer (#Angular)

3. #Magento Full Stack developer

4. Java/J2EE developer


We can also consider even 1 year experience if you have relavant exposure.

WHO should apply :

1. who lives at or can shift to #Bangalore.

2. who looks for best environment and want to learn fast from FAST GROWING
startup. In a startup, you get faster RECOGNITION ( and promoted, groomed)
faster than typical manager-over-manager environment to just let them get the

3. Want to work in "well funded" Startup means a lot (aapki salary nahin rukegi
The last startup fund raised were $2.9million.

4. who already know Bangalore is Tech-Hub of India and #INNOVATION grows here
faster. chalo Bangalore

Salary : Annually: 7 Lac to 12 lac.

Salary Is Not Constraint if you know what piece of code your are writing and
whats their impact. Girls are specially invited as we have best Girl Developer.

How to REACT to this post:

1. PM me your

Name, Email and Your current city and

ask for my email for sending your resume.

2. I usually reply fast but if i can't, just wait for my reply. (don't write
"hi", give above info first)

Let's Build The Tech World for our betterment.

Thanks for reading. I hope, i will find The Diamond (YOU) here

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