Here's how I would execute it:

Step 1: Problem and Market

• Content creators (bloggers, youtubers, podcasters, ...) have a lot of tasks:
Coming up with content ideas, producing content, editing content, promoting
• Help them with some of these tasks so they can create more content.

Step 2: Solution and Offer

• On-demand tasks for content creators
• For example: Keyword research, content repurposing, social media promotion,
content editing
• Create recurring plans: Basic (1 task), Premium (2 tasks), Ultimate (3 tasks).
They can stack more tasks if they want.
• Start with a niche (for example only Podcasters), and only a few easy to
deliver services. Expand later.

Business name idea: TheCreatorVA (I am sure you can find a better name), or
ThePodcasterVA (if you focus on podcasters)

Step 3: Service delivery and Team

• Focus on simple tasks first (for example: Repurposing a podcast into a 15
second video snippet)
• Hire a project manager/VA that has done these type of tasks before
• Document processes in Notion / other internal knowledge base tools.

Step 4: Getting clients

Short term:

• Create an irresistible paid offer (example: Your first task for xx$ with
money-back guarantee)
• LinkedIn and Email outreach
• Network on Facebook groups

Long term:

• Build partnerships with content creators that can recommend your service to
other content creators
• SEO ("How to repurpose content?", "How to turn podcast episode into video?",
etc etc)
• Paid advertising

Who wants to build this?

Posted by Robin Vander Heyden on Facebook