Staying Happy is HARD!

In a session recently, I shared "Staying Happy is INCREDIBLY HARD! It's so EASY
to feel low & miserable".

Do a quick check yourself. Think of the day & what % of your mind has been
occupied by worries, stress, guilt, pressure, jealousy, incompleteness VS the %
of the time you've felt delighted or just happy. It's a miserable feeling being
unhappy, but that's how we feel most of the time (save weekends).

Genetically, I think we are WIRED to worry. Imagine if we were sharing a Cave &
stepped out without worrying. We would most probably get eaten by a lion or
bitten by a cobra. Over the years, 'what will happen' has manifested as a core
thought. Even though we may NEVER get eaten or bitten, we have imbibed the
wonderful habit of worrying.

These are hacks that work wonderfully to LIFT your mind from low to high:

- 98% of our worries never fructify. But we spend 98% of our time worrying about
them. Think through this.

- Reflect on your journey so far. Are you better off today vs 1 year or 5 years?
If YES, rejoice. That's REAL tangible progress.

- When you envy someone, also envy their struggle & hardships (NOT known to
you). If exposed, your envy may turn to pity!

- WORK hard on staying happy. Like fitness, its a HABIT you will need to

Posted by Alok Kejriwal on Facebook