Startups should know this strategy to cut the cost of product launching.

A power pack framework which can be used for marketing and sales transformation.

Never fall in love with your products.
always understand the mindset of customers.

Evolution channels should form a strong influence for product branding.

The evolution cycle includes
Announce - Creating buzz about the product and service.

Push - Utilising the social media channels to engage and promote the launch.

Intercept - Create pro active followership which understands the vision.
sustain the engagement by adding value to it.

Cultivate - Now it's time to level up and pump the promotion with the help of

Under the collaboration, create a win - win situation for everyone.

Built the community who supports your idea & willing to Invest in your company's

it's very necessary that you should start thinking precisely about the launching
of the product.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. -Warren Buffet


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