"Failure is very important to understand what is a success!" -by

Saurabh Dayal

2014, I remember when i met Saurabh first time while he was working with Paytm
and helping us to integrate Paytm Gateway. He had just few startup ideas and i
could see his passion for starting own startup. Then we met many times and he
started his startup ClearDekho. He was selling Opticals in local colonies and he
asked me to help. They were typically doing offline sales by reaching to every
customer at their home. Whenever he met me, he was very clear what he wanted.
Clarity about what you want at what time, that's highly important to remain in
FOCUS all the time and you have to keep searching for only that ONE thing you
need. It could be sale, activity, any particular help, and you must know it.
Recently, his company ClearDekho got well funded and now have 28 outlets across
India and planning to have 5000 in the next 5 years... It's like... Do BIG or Go
Home... kinda he learnt from paytm about Big Dreams. In the interview (link in
the comment) He said he failed intially but i think that were small steps and
upstairs to success

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