Startup to IPO : Learning For Startups

I remember a small room inside the office in Delhi, where i used to sit to
design website for exporters. It was early days of Internet-era and there was no
popular search-engine, no gmail and the company was generating online leads for
Indian exporter and sent them through post-office. The company is Indiamart, my
first company where i started my career in 1999.

Today, IndiaMart IPO over subscribed to raise over Rs 474 crore. Their vision
has remained the same over 23 years after 5.98 crore registered buyers and a
catalogue of over five crore products, supplied by over 47 lakh suppliers. Its
mobile app has close to 10 million downloads.

Here are some learning for the startup world.

1. You must not be at loss to raise funds. Indiamart claimed they never had
losses from the 1st day of it's inception.

2. Stick to same vision, you can not pivote business model just for the sake of
raising Investment or making market-fit without analysing TRENDS. IndiaMart is
doing the same thing today what they started 23 years long back.

3. Team retention. Indiamart has 100 employees who are working for them over 10
years now.

4. Focus on making profitable than fund raising.

5. The Time is the king. When you are early market product/service, be stable
and survive before the right time come. IndiaMart was early- internet era
startup, it took 23 years to have own IPO (when internet is everywhere around)


Dinesh Agarwal

sir and the entire IndiaMart team and friends family.

Posted by Rakesh Sidana on Facebook