Startup Investments in 2020 #Post3:
Though sectors like #Fintech, #Edtech & #Proptech emerged as winners in terms of
total funding raised, the number of deals fell substantially over the course of
the year.

Indicating investors shift toward focusing more on late-stage deals as the year

But there were some new favorites, showing signs of positive growth & increasing
investor interest.

That includes sectors like,
#HRtech, #cleantech, #retailtech, online #gaming, automotive/mobility, &
enterprise SaaS.

Stage wise fundraising:
Early-stage bets saw a total of 535 deals raising close to $1.2B.
Growth stage and Late-stage deals had the following numbers respectively;
>113 deals & $1.2B in funding
>64 deals $4.5B in funding

The number of early-stage deals indicates support for innovation.

Same time, the continued investment in growth & late-stage companies signals
support extended to scale in some cases& survive in the others.

Source: YourStory Media, link in the comments!

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