Startup and entrepreneurship have become such buzzwords that a lot of people
aspire to explore that route.

No harm in that.

People think on a couple of ideas and go ahead with one thinking that to be an
out-of-the-box idea that will solve user problems. Great!

Here's what goes wrong most of the times:

Their primary source of research remains their immediate circle of friends,
colleagues, or family.

Back in 2007, when the first iPhone was launched, nobody thought that
smartphones would become a necessity of modern times for many.

Not every founder can be Steve Jobs and not every product could be an iPhone!

Startups are not meant for people looking for some adrenaline rush to keep up
with the hype of doing something cool.

Apart from persistence, resilience, determination, focus, and passion, a key
element that often goes unnoticed in the startup world is RESEARCH.

The merit of an idea depends on how strong is your research. And that in today's
times is a strong foundation to a successful startup journey.

Entrepreneurs and startup owners in my network would love to hear your views on
the same.
Feel free to share your unfiltered thoughts! :)

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