Start doing it from today!

You put in so much effort creating an amazing content, right?

Unfortunately, it's not getting that much of visibility.

So don't stop after sharing your content or blog summary with URL on LinkedIn.

Try to get most out of a single piece of content that took much of your time and

1. Convert it into an eBook and share few of it's page along with access link to
complete ebook.

2. Convert into video slides

3. Create a short & brief podcast

4. Create a collage picking some interesting points and offer direct link to
read the full blog post/ebook.

5. Create a GIF selecting few of the animated characters & share it on the same
platform you shared all of the above. #linkedin #facebook, etc.

6. Do a short duration webinar/AMA and respond to participants queries.

7. Create an infographic showing the sequence of your content ingredients i.e.
why, what, for whom


Any thing you can suggest?