Offers are a gateway to the new set of buyers, leads, and great addon to your
email lists.

Your Offer can be a lead magnet, a Tripwire (like $1 from CXL), or even a $69
Lifetime deal of your Software (which audience might have to pay $39/month to
access it in the future)

Russell Brunson puts out so many offers you can't resist but to take in and get
inside his funnels (just like the recent webinar scripts).

Offer Creation requires research, want/need analysis, What Burning Problem your
market needs a solution for, and put it out in front of them like a Vaccine.

Create and Publish.

A great example is

Vamsi Pannala


Impact Marketing Summit

which was a great summit and a great offer put out by Vamsi to get amazing
people to attend and get amazing value (Vamsi, by Interviewing the GOATS solved
the burning questions from the market and indeed built an authority).

Let me know your thoughts!

Posted by Karan Parwani on Facebook