Got a team working remotely ?

And want to manage your business online ?

Meet, Stackby !

What is Stackby ?

Stackby is an all-in-one platform that brings best of spreadsheets, databases and business APIs together for you to create your own tools, your way.

Why to use Stackby ?

  • Easy to use just like a spreadsheet
  • Get started in minutes with 75+ templates
  • Visualize data in multiple data layouts – Table, Kanban, Calendar and Custom Forms
  • Best for: Marketers, agencies, and small businesses.


  • Why one likes it ?

            "You can create forms, that feed info into your sheet(s)/database, and embed or share the form outside the tool as you like. In this way you can ask people for their input, and get their answers directly into Stackby where you can work further with their input as you like."

  • Why one dislikes it ?

            "While the system works with revision on a per row basis, they should implement a 'roll-back feature'. I think both things are needed, when you work with critical data."

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What is in the deal?

  • 6 Users
  • Unlimited Read-only Users
  • 20 GB Attachments space per database (stack)
  • 25 MB Upload limit per attachment
  • 30 Databases (stacks)
  • 20,000 Rows per stack
  • 4 Layouts - Grid, Kanban, Calendar, & Form
  • 52-Week revision history
  • 15+ API integrations
  • 25+ Columns types, dropdowns, attachments etc.
  • 75+ Pre-built templates
  • Advanced column types - APIs and actions
  • Real-time collaboration with commenting, checklists, & reminders on each row
  • Slack notifications and reminders
  • One-click import from spreadsheets or Google sheets