Spotify's remote-work policy around offering San Francisco & New York based
salaries makes Facebook & Twitter look terrible!

While announcing permanent remote for 5000+ employees, Spotify also shared that
they will pay everyone equally regardless of location. The benchmark for pay
will be the most expensive cities in the world - San Francisco & New York.

This is in stark contradiction to the remote work announcements made by the
likes of Twitter, Facebook, Stripe, VMWare etc. who have been vocal about
cutting pay if employees relocate to less expensive areas.

Some argue that salaries in SF & NY are inflated and it isn't the right
benchmark for global pay. There's some merit to this argument, but companies
that can afford to pay such salaries (read Twitter, Facebook), should pay them
regardless - Spotify, Basecamp are perfectly fine doing this 🤷‍♂️

Anyway, one thing's for sure - Spotify is bound to attract the best of talent in
the coming years with this move.

Originally posted by Hrishikesh Pardeshi on LinkedIn