Hacking your site is way easier than you think if it isn’t properly secured and optimized.

Everybody talks about speed optimization but no one talks about security optimization.

Consider you have a great site and It has great content huge traffic and and all is perfect.

But one day you try to log in and it doesn’t.

Because it has been hacked.

In a moment all your hard work, dedication is at stake just because you didn’t secure your site.

Your site security is as much important as much ranking it is.

So I am giving you some tips below that you can use to optimize the security of your site.

Tip1 Buy a secure hosting. If one website on your server can get hacked then chances are there that your site can get hacked too.

Tip 2 Always keep your Wordpress Plugins and Themes up to date. Also, keep your PHP version updated.

Tip 3 Install a security plugin and configure it. My favorite is All in one Wp security. You can use Wordfence too.

Tip 4 Use Sucuri Site Scanner to scan your site for any malware or bug once in a week.

Tip 5 Set security headers with the help of W3 Total Cache.

Tip 6 Use Cloudflare as it will protect your site from DDOS attacks.

There are many Security Tips I have for you but I will make a detailed post about them.