Something that every writer would worry about

Every time before I set my hands to write👨‍💻

Two questions hit my mind strong.

1️⃣ What is the article about?

2️⃣ What is the article really about?

Is it confusing? I know it would

There is a lot of difference between those two.

I am sure this would hit on most writer’s minds before they start writing.

Value to the reader is primary🏆.

But, even though you have done your research well,

Something might go wrong.

That something is the reader’s hook.

Remember, you will get only 5-10 seconds to catch your reader’s attention.

If you fail to hook them up on that short span

Then surely, they will skim through.

Every single line matters to keep your audience engaged.

Apart from research

You have to be sure about your brand’s voice, reader’s language, and tone.

Is it enough to tie them up?

No, the most critical question you have to answer to yourself is

“Why the reader must read your content?”

The mixture of all these will help you engage with your audience,

And to produce more leads for your brand.

I will address the difference between those two questions in my next post.

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