Some tried and tested work from home tips that help me stay efficient:
- Set a routine. I don’t work beyond 6 pm.
This way, my mind is conditioned to finish all the work before that.
Otherwise, the work keeps dragging and I loose all the day being unproductive.
- Never to work in the pyjamas.
I dress just the way I would had I to go to office.
A pop of lipstick works wonders for me. :)
- Every 1 hour, get up for 5 minutes. I help mum, do some movement.
- 30 minutes break during lunch. After that, I help wind up the kitchen.
This becomes the much needed break, to fight drowsiness.
Although some days, a nap just helps.
- 60 minutes workout, 6.30-7.30pm since my mornings start late.
- No replying to emails or touching the laptop after 6.30 pm.
- Breaking the day into 3 parts - morning is for editing, afternoon for
coordinating with the team and the last 1 hour for sales.

How are are you working from home! I would love to know.

Posted by Priyanka Desai on LinkedIn