Some thoughts on finding your #interest and #passion for a #career

You may find your career interest in a completely unrelated field during
college, simply through what you have been reading, watching, following and
commenting on. I was an avid #business quizzer in college, which made me read
tons on #brands, #branding, #business etc. This led to other things, and I am
where I am today

Some of the most interesting people don’t know what to do with their lives. So
don’t give yourself grief if you don’t have a single minded focus or have
interest in multiple things

Please don’t be ashamed if you are not an #entrepreneur or haven’t founded a
#startup. There are millions who have extremely successful #careers in full time

Be a bit restless, but in a pragmatic way. CEOs rise to the top of
#organisations by changing roles over a 20-25 year stint. They are constantly
reinventing themselves

If you don’t like a role and nothing is working, simply move out. But don’t
create a circumstance that will make you repeat that again. This is pragmatism

Make money and have a strong focus on salaries and how they grow. I don’t belong
to the school that says you should only focus on experience in the initial years
of your career. I have suffered so this is from personal experience

Posted by Sandeep Das on LinkedIn