Some thoughts on employing people:
1) It’s never too early to start hiring people so you can grow
2) As CEO/Founder your *ONLY* job should be sales (possibly content/PR),
everything else should be outsourced. Maybe you need to create the content but
even that can be outsourced a bit
3) Outsource everything you don’t like doing
4) In all my companies I hired someone to manage everyone else and act as
5) Paid internships leading to proper contracts are the best way to hire
6) Hire from your network rather than cold - You’ll get people who care about
your journey and will want to impress you
7) Have weekly or daily Zoom meetings & everything will get achieved
8) Ask people you respect in your industry who is the best person to hire
9) Not employing people to “save money” is a bit like not doing Facebook ads as
it costs money. Well, yes, but you’ll make MUCH more if you can get it right
10) Lead by example. If you’re not doing that 12-hours a day hustle, your team
won’t either.
Good people working with good people lifts both sides up.
What have you learned about hiring?

Originally posted by Vin Clancy on Facebook