Some people still compare

LinkedIn to Facebook

When it comes to getting B2B clients

Listen, LinkedIn can give you better results than Facebook & Instagram combined.

There are many reasons, but the main thing for me is - that LinkedIn gives you
more options/filters to target your ideal prospects.

You can find decision-makers (CEOs, Founders, Owners, Directors) in small
companies (1-10 or 10-50 employees) in London (UK), pick “Marketing” as their
industry (if this is the one you need), and connect with them and directly send
them a message.

Try to do the same on Facebook & Instagram - almost impossible.

Don't get me wrong, Facebook is a great platform.

You can build funnels and run ads to a cold audience, a custom audience or
lookalike audiences, and you can get amazing results,

But works great for B2C businesses, not B2B.

When it comes to B2B,

I think LinkedIn is MUCH more powerful!

Maybe it is NOT about which platform is better.... and it's more about WHO you

Agree? What do you think?


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