Some of the smartest people work for Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple
and, (insert some large famous company here).


there is an important word in that statement.
What is it?

The word some. Some of the smartest people work there. Not all. There are plenty
of smart people who don't work at these companies. Some of them got rejected
when they applied. Some of them couldn't get a referral.

Others are working on other projects. Some prefer to work for other companies.

So don't think that there aren't absolute geniuses who are working elsewhere.
Just because someone doesn't have the largest companies on their resume does not
mean they aren't as smart. Talk to them to see where they stand. I come across
them all the time.

Also realize that you can have an amazing career without ever having a big
company on your resume.

As long as you are working on an interesting project with great people, the
company isn't as important.

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Posted by Jonaed Iqbal on LinkedIn