Some of the Books I found inspiring this year, what are yours?

Unfair Advantage by Ash Ali Hasan Kubba
About finding your unfair advantage not just this to be Jalous of people born or
mingling in the right area.

Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestley
About setting pricing and not being everything for everybody and having a line
of clients waiting

Profitable partnerships by Greg Nathan
Gems of why our 360 degree philosophy in Fantasic services is so powerful

Can’t hurt me by David Coggins
He definitely masters pushing through pain, He is inspirational in how to
mentally over come hard times. But wouldn’t listen to him for the balance of

Atomic habits by James Clear
Brilliant practical advice on habits and how to design products / services

Blitzscaling by Reid Hoffman
Intersting to hear it from a cross the pond on I had done grown Fantasic
organically, but a big lesson in scale and speed.

The strength to love by Martin Luther King
A hard man with a strong heart can do miracles.

What it takes by Stephen A. Schwarzman
Lots of gems in this one.

There are more and I promise to draft a full list

What was your books of 2020?

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