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As all of you have read everywhere and every time that 

“Content is the King!” 

‘Content’ is the fundamental element for your site. So, it is your key responsibility to market your content at your best. But, how can you market and do research for your content?

You need an intuitive tool that can help in your content research as well as in marketing that content by finding a suitable influencer for marketing.

Then, Say! Hi to Social Animal


What is Social Animal?

Social Animal is a content research tool that allows you to research on top-performing content and authors for detailed insights on any desirable topic or keyword.

SocialAnimal Details:

Tool NameSocial Animal
CategoryContent Research & Marketing
SocialAnimal FounderNarendran Hariparanthaman
Free-Trial14 days
Official WebsiteSocialAnimal.com
SocialAnimal Contactsupport@socialanimal.com

Social Animal Features

Complete Analysis of Content

With SocialAnimal, you can track content about any topic or keyword that when and where it was published. Even, you can get the total engagement of that piece of content across all the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and even on Quora. 

Through SocialAnimal, you will get to know how much reacts and which reacts, you get on your post.

Keep an eye on your competitors

Get complete detail about your competitors. Know about your competitor’s best performing content and even their best authors. 

Loved your competitor’s posts?

Then save them with SocialAnimal save feature for later investigation.

Find the right Influencer 

With SocialAnimal, find a suitable influencer which suits perfectly for your content. Search influencer by typing the keyword or your topic. Even, filter the result as per your choice.

You can automate the process of Content Strategy with Social Animal. And can give your valuable time to other tasks.

Social Animal Benefits

Rich and Detailed Results

When it comes to Content Research, ‘the more information you get, the more is fruitful’. SocialAnimal provides you a complete detailed insight into the content you are searching for.

Deep and Useful Insights

SocialAnimal provides complete data about any keyword or topic. Also, it provides the data about the keyword that how it had performed in history.

Compare two articles

It does not mean that two articles performing well will have so much in common. With social animal find out how both of them have different performances.

Hall of Fame

Here are some of the well-known platforms where SocialAnimal got featured:

Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

SocialAnimal vs BuzzSumo

When it comes to content strategy only two brands pop up in mind, SocialAnimal and BuzzSumo. They both are head to head with each other. But, SocialAnimal wins the battle. As with social animal, you get many more features while giving only 69$ for a lifetime.

In BuzzSumo, you can’t search any text within an article. Moreover, you can easily compare two keywords in SA while BuzzSumo provides no such feature.

Pricing Comparison

Normal PricingAppSumo Pricing
41$/month69$ for LifeTime

Click Here to use SocialAnimal for lifetime in ust 69$

SocialAnimal Review

Overall Quality: 3.5 stars

Ease of Use: 4 stars

Features & Functionality: 4stars

Customer Support: 3 stars

Value for Money: 4.5 stars