So many sales and business leaders that I speak to STOP their sales teams using
LinkedIn because they're scared recruiters will poach them if they do

Let me make something crystal clear...

It's that attitude that will lose you salespeople, not LinkedIn

If they want to leave, they'll leave

Trying to hide them from recruiters won't stop it

Instead of trying to stop them leaving, why not make it so they don't WANT to

Wouldn't it be better to create a job and company that even if 100 recruiters
approached them, they wouldn't want to leave?

Instead of being controlling, be empowering

Instead of limiting them, give them resources

Instead of leading with fear, lead with confidence

LinkedIn isn't the problem
Recruiters aren't the problem

YOU are the problem

But you can change it today

Switch your mindset and focus, give your teams reasons to stay, not reasons to

There will always be other jobs out there
There will always be recruiters trying to fill them
They'll find a way to contact your reps

You can't control that

Accept that fact and then make it so that it doesn't matter

Because they're happy where they are

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Posted by Daniel Disney on LinkedIn