So, I inspired by our group’s admin. This is my first try.
Here I want to talk about some facts that come daily in our life while passing
on bridge.
As a civil engineer I want to share something about bridge facts.
1- Usually we all give bad words while driving over the bridge. Like at several
distances we fill some sound of tyres and feel tweaks that causes due to joints
are in roads.
So, basically it called EXPANSION JOINT placed for resistance against
earthquakes and to make independent super structure of whole bridge. This joints
are casted with concrete and channel section of steel attached with shear stud
along with deck slab. It can be available in market in size of road width that
we require.
Moreover while necessary of Bridge Bearing replacement takes place at that time
this joints are very useful because we don’t have to jacking all spans
throughout of bridge, only replacement span jacks and replace all bearings
This joint varies from 40-70 MM according to design authority like R&B or
Railway dept. , etc. Between this joints generally rubber strips are inserted to
making flat surface, however due to unexpected loading conditions and vehicles’
breaks misplaced these strips. Hence maintaining authority re insert these
strips only while inspection.
2- Most of us feel that bridge is wiggle while big vehicles pass nearby to us.
That is because of this device call BEARING.
There are lots of types of bearing Primarily 1. Fixed bearing and 2. Free
In fixed bearing the super structure(girder,deck slab) is attached with sub
structure(pier) so it behaves like one rigid body.
While using of free bearing the super structure and sub structure are divided by
Basically it is polymer product which is produces under strict quality and
measurements management.
The concepts of bearing is the rubber strips is placed between to two steel
plates can move into free or guided directions. This bearing used in steel
bridges as well as RCC and PSC bridges. The name of bearings are POT - PTFE
(Polytetrafluroethelene) and elastomeric bearings.

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