It's all from free facebook organic marketing. It's called attraction marketing.

  1. Optimize your profile as a funnel.
  2. Drive traffic to your profile through attraction marketing (you know, providing value instead of fucking cat pictures on facebook)
  3. Collect leads
  4. Follow up
  5. Sale

That's all I have done.

At the top of your profile you have a featured image. That's a heading basically, you most likely have some attention grabbing heading on your website, have one on your profile. With a cta to click, if someone clicks there's some discription of the image with a link to send them to your lead magenet.

In your intro quickly give what you do, what you solve, your value prop (mine persoanally I use to poloarize)

Next your details (about). One link to rule them all. It's a funnel, not a fucking traffic free for all. Have every job you ever worked there? NO. Have 10 links, NO. Funnel -> one route.

Featured Image - this is a huge CTA to what is hopefully a high value lead magent that resonates with whoever is going to sign up for your SaaS (your customer avatar). Again, someone clicks it, there's an image discription, with a link.

Get all that set up, just like a sales funnel.

Then do attraction based marketing. Provide training around the problems your software solves. Educate why those are problems, what impact those problems have, and what life looks like when you solve those problems. Introduce your software after that as a solution.

Keep creating content.

Doing this has has brought me to 1M ARR+ from free facebook traffic.

Or post cat pictures and share weird fb quizes, or links to political news, then come in here and ask "How to get customers".

It's your business, the only one that's going to grow it is you.