This morning, following up on emails, my partner gets a phone call.

He picks up.

It's a cold one. Someone who knows he's been clicking around on Zillow during
All Hands and thinks he actually wants to buy a house.

The sales reps begins the call, and because my partner's volume is turned up to
an outrageous decibel, I hear it:

"Hey, this is Frank Schmank calling from Zillow Stalker about your recent
interest in Fancy Pants House." And then he goes straight into his pitch.

So, my partner hangs up.

I, being an empathizer with all sales people, horrified, exclaim, "You hung up!"

To which he says, "I just knew it was one of those guys who wasn't going to let
me talk."

And also, fair point.

But, it made me think, if I were to give one piece of advice to Zillow Friend,
it would be this:

Ask permission to pitch.

What that sounds like is:

"Hey, no one likes a cold call, so I'll keep it brief - can I have 30 seconds to
tell you why I called?"

"I know I'm an interruption; can I have a minute to tell you why I called?"

"I want to respect your time, so before I say anything else, can I have a few
seconds to tell why I think this conversation could be relevant?"

And that's what I think about that.
End scene.

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Posted by ✌️ Sarah Brazier on LinkedIn