Shoutout to

Akash Joshi

and his team

They just launched today on Product Hunt

linkish is the dream platform for people who are sick of their boring bookmarks
and don't want to open 50 browser tabs just to find what is in them. Now embed
content from your links in your dashboard.

Who is it for?

Bookmark manager for individuals: Import bookmarks from different sources and

Content curation tool for researchers: Save research links with unlimited

Visual board for creatives : Images / videos / audios embedded in one place

Link manager for companies: Manage links collaboratively and securely with your

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linkish - Turn boring bookmarks into embedded audio & video cards | Product Hunt

Turn your browser bookmarks into embedded cards and watch YouTube/Vimeo videos,
listen to audio, see images, read articles and more right from one dashboard.
Now offers : • Nested folders • Link shortener • Saving links as PDF •
Highlighting text on web

Posted by Tomer Aharon on Facebook