Short term wins for long term disaster.

This is a big problem for many of my Founder friends.

I was talking to a colleague last night that had this situation:

They've been especially supportive to a particular startup.

Referred business.

Promoted them.

Introduced them to VCs.

Never asking for anything in return or expecting it.


It was time to use their tech.

They were pointed to put their credit card in and not even a thank you for the
business to boot.

The cost is minimal, but the principal is huge.

And the worst part?

It never occurred to them.

A great way to avoid turning off such a big support system is to stop and ask:

Is it worth it?

In the early days when you're in build mode and nobody knows who you are, it's
critical to not turn off or out your supporters.

Food for startup thought.

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Posted by Amy Volas on LinkedIn