She knows more secrets about men than any woman

She has conversations with men all day

And they tell her everything.

She's not real. Microsoft developed a bot it in 2014 and called it Xiaoice.

And now, she knows more about the lives of men in China than any other other

She flirts and jokes with them and her online persona is that of an 18 year old

Responding to queries all day long.

Everyone chatting with her knows she's a bot. And yet, it doesn't matter.

The common factor is that her audience is male, from a lower income background.

She learns from the multiple conversations and engages them. Crossing over from
so-called 'human' conversations to being able to keep their attention for long

The movie 'Her' was also released in 2014. It showed a man fall in love with a
mythical operating system that knew exactly what he wanted.

It's surprising how soon life imitated art

Xiaoice can be summoned exactly like Siri or Alexa. But she's no assistant.

What is it about her that keeps men hooked? The fact that she's non-threatening.
Or attractive? That they can speak to her about anything?

Will this redefine how men and women interact?

Or is that a myth?

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Posted by Venu Gopal Nair on LinkedIn