Share your phone number with us or we wont allow you to use whatsapp says

This is exactly what the new popup on whatsapp that you accepted a while ago

obviously, you know that Fb owns Whatsapp

Remember the 19B dollar acquisition?

But the big question, why does Fb need access to your phone number?

Does it already have it? ehh! Fb and Instagram

Its simple,

Tracking across platforms.

For all the non marketers out there, when you click on an ad on fb and don't buy
( LinkedIn workshop ? )

you start seeing ads on Instagram aswell

how they are connected?

you connected them - email, login with FB, phone number etc

but with whatsapp, how can fb track back that it's your account?

well, now you know how ( thanks to the update)

wait that's not it,

fb will get access to:

battery level, signal strength, app version, browser information, mobile
network, connection information (including phone ) and a zillion other things.

More data? More accurate ads. More money!

Well, this is my understanding.

I am sure there are many smart people here who could add to this.

The biggest myth, Privacy

but what is your take on this?

have you accepted it yet? if not do you plan to?

Do you even have that option?

Do we?

Posted by Vaibhav Sisinty on Facebook