Service Providers need to get ahead of new tech before it's too late!

2020 changed the game for service providers...

Recent times saw exponential growth in requests for real-time digital
experiences that created huge operational challenges for service providers.

Service providers need to create seamless, smart outcomes in real-time, while
coupling the right vendors, insights, and connectivity to bring experiences to
life for consumers.

Cloud and automation will be critical to keeping pace with changing demands and
to quickly launch new offerings.

This is important for service providers to stay ahead of new demand:

āœ… Service providers must focus on the cloud and the agility it brings them. 5G,
multi-cloud, IoT, and outsourced microservices can provide solutions bit by bit.

āœ… Service providers will also need to implement AI-driven operations, focused on
continuous improvement to stay one step ahead.

If service providers fail to stay ahead of tech...

They risk falling behind and missing critical opportunities in the coming years.

How do you think that the demand for real-time experiences will play out for
service providers?

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Posted by Bob Norberg on LinkedIn