SEO Strategies win when they use high leverage systems. πŸš€

Positive high leverage actions spend the least amount of time to have the
largest amount impact.

I’ve seen a few examples of this recently:

Ross Simmonds found that Airbnb has 128,317 templated landing pages optimized
for variations of the phrase:

Vacation rentals in [Place]
Vacation homes in [Place]
Airbnbs in [Place]

They generate 2.3M visits a month. πŸ”₯

Harvey Hodd found that Zapier generate around 2.5m unique organic viewers/month
from 25,000+ landing pages.

Landing pages such as Gmail & Slack integrations, that lead to many more.

How do they do this? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

They don’t.

Every new Zapier partner writes their own copy following editorial guidelines.
This helps to both significantly scale their landing page output, while
maintaining quality! ⭐️

What can you learn from this?

Put high leverage systems in place:

- *One* great landing page design can be scaled across thousands of pages. πŸ’₯

- *One* brilliant set of editorial guidelines can maintain consistency across
thousands of pages. πŸ’₯

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Posted by Andrew Charlton on LinkedIn