SEO Industry Fact.

Most SEO's who proclaim to be SEO's generally know how to run a technical audit
to produce a list of things that are wrong.

Very few audit requests that I make EVER address what landing pages should be,
how products, content, service content, pillar content should be configured.

Almost no audits segmented out GSC data, page-level performance, cannibalisation
of content, poor indexing / caching frequency, poor internal link architecture,
content NLP analysis etc.

I've evaluated over 50 audits in the last year.

Even when I have been very specific I find that the expertise just isn't there -
if it was, you wouldn't have to ask. If someone says to a driving instructor
that they want to learn how to drive the driving instructor knows from their own
expertise what needs to be done.

Even more comprehensive audits were relatively thin, not truly digging into why
a site doesn't rank.

Wayback lookbacks?
Competitor SERP intent maps?
Above the fold pattern analysis?
Behaviour flow analysis?
NLP content analysis and supporting pillar page content?
Aggregated link analysis?
Query counts & query diversification?

What I see >

Server Error Links
Missing Meta
Missing Header Tags
Title/Description Truncation
Not Enough Keywords
Page Speed Snapshots