SEO guys share your opinion on this
We've one project for seo.( Skin clinic)
They had done SEO from Agency before..But they did not get expected results so
client stopped worked with them and started with us.
When I was auditing website, I found more than 200 Blog posts..
What previous SEO guys had done
They created 1 service page and 6 Blog post for each service.
For eg.
Suppose let's say 'Skin specialist in CITY' has 1k+ Search volume.
What they did
1 service page - Skin specialist in CITY
5 Blog posts- ( For various areas In the city)
skin specialist in CITY areaA
skin specialist in CITY areaB
Skin specialist in CITY areaC
(Upto 6 posts for 6 areas in the city)
They did same thing for all services..
Service page and blog posts has SAME content.
What is your opinion on this strategy?
Will this work?

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