😖 SEO Audits 😖

SEO audits aren't supposed to be about regurgitation. They're supposed to
provide INSIGHTS into visibility, issues impacting visibility both technical and
at a content level.

SEO audits should look at the relationship between average positions (or the
lack thereof), content, links, and technical architecture around those elements.

People say good business owners delegate.

But when someone hands you SEO audits that highlight the same shit over and over
again it's boring.

Highlighting a SHORT TITLE Tag and then incorporating 5 paragraphs of text to
tell me why it's bad ISN'T an audit.

The last 20 audits (diff SEOs) received - NOT ONE incorporated any search
console data? NOT ONE looked at content construction + the relationship between
landing pages and content?

I can tell you now - GOOD WEBSITES with GOOD CONTENT and (niche dependent) GOOD
LINKS = rankings and traffic.

Jamming keywords in an ALT tag and hitting a perfect character count on title
tags means SWEET FA.

Does your audit include:

* A holistic view of the websites architecture?
* An overview of key navigation page performance vs. sub-linked pages?
* An overview of index performance (size of index vs. volume of performance vs.
non performance pages - IMPR over Clicks)

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Posted by Daniel Foley Carter on LinkedIn
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